As a woman who's had her share of challenges with people pleasing, and self-confidence,  I know what it's like to have a deep desire to express yourself authentically, and creatively. I also know what it's like to feel stuck, unable to move forward out of fear, self-doubt, old conditioning, or even despair because you know in your heart of heart's that you're meant to embody your full potential in this lifetime. This was me until I was shown a way forward.

It was years ago just after I'd graduated high school that a close family friend saw me going through a deeply challenging mental, and emotional breakdown said to me "Honey, we're only as crazy as we are unexpressed." Those words truly changed my whole outlook, and life. 



She'll Rap a song around your heart in a beat!

At that very moment I realized that I had the power to choose how I respond and I decided to take full responsibility for my self-expression and I began my journey of conscious creativity.   As a result of that experience I'd started a  journaling practice for my healing, and  I soon came to discover an unexpected natural gift for writing songs and using them to help me grow, and transform. My breakdown had become my breakthrough., and my trauma became my teacher.

Today, I'm an internationally known singer/songwriter, and artist and my voice & songs have touched thousands of people, some of whom have shared stories about how my music inspired them, or changed their lives. I never knew this was inside of me or possible, yet here I am. My mission is to help other women do the same.

love~ Gina René

I am a lyrical sister, a spiritual uplifter, High Priestess of Hip-Hop, Divine Feminine Enlister. I spit truths, open minds and spark heArts, I’m here breaking all the rules from the start, Now I'm giving back to my sisters playing my part. Sharing what I’ve learned to help them heal thru their art. 

Gina René is an American R&B/Soul singer, her name means Queen Reborn. She is a ring leader of sorts,  a catalyst for lyrical light-workers of the feminine kind, a way shower for the times. She is a melanated, mixed heritage, woman hailing from Choctaw, Créole, Irish, English, and German roots. Gina is a lover of life, roots & culture and she's a renegade spirit here to call out & assist the shift out of b.s. (belief systems) that attempt to separate us from ourselves and each other. and she does it all in a way that's high vibe leaving her listeners feeling uplifted, inspired and reconnected to their joy. 

From soulful vocals to poetic spoken word and rap over Hip-Hop beats to spitting truth like a minister of sound over dub, bass heavy beats, or Jazz piano Gina René is a force to be reckoned with. Her legacy links back to R&B royalty as she’s the grand daughter of the late songwriter, composer and entrepreneur Leon René who penned the R&B and Jazz classics Rockin Robin and When It's Sleepy time Down South, which became Louis Armstrong's theme song. She’s currently in the studio with musical partner and Dub/reggae producer Million 7. writing & recording her two music projects: The Soul Bath Experience and Reclaim Your Throne. 
Look out for releases in 2024 & 2025.



by my sis, Ashley Hughes

She will call you forth and lovingly guide you, through thoughtfully curated readings, prompts and exquisite reflection and embodiment practises, to step into and own your inner Queendom. Gina holds space that is juicy, real, human, divine, and reverent.” 

”One of Gina’s purposes on this planet is supporting other women to bloom into all of who they are."


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“Gina is an incredible facilitator with soul much love, spunk,creativity, and care. I felt so held, and encouraged to bring my full, authentic, creative self to the table and dream my life into being.”

“I cannot share enough how deeply Gina’s offering has touched my life."

Alyra Rose - Artist & Musician 

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"My whole life I feel like I’ve had my voice stolen from me and being here I’m tapping back into my power. This isn’t a space of competition, ego or comparison and that’s what makes it so healing.You’re reminding us that it’s ok to claim our power and our voice, our higher calling.”


"This space, Lyrisista circle I really love, I see Gina a voice doula."

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 I’m so grateful. If it wasn’t for my sessions with you I don’t think I would have that skill of just freestyling. Previously I felt like I had to memorize things yet I was able to really speak my mind without reading something.
Just trust the flow” 

“ I had my first big public speaking event where there were a lot of industry giants and I just spoke my truth and it was well received." 


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"She took me on a journey into myself that created a deeper connection in me, and I had so many moments of magick on our discovery that triggered so many deep realizations. I know that anyone who works with her in their commitment to birth Queenly traits, will find precious truths to take into life. I'm so grateful for this gift!”

Naomi Star - poet, mother

“Her effort in guiding me with a feminine playfulness was something to look forward to each session."

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