From soulful vocals to poetic spoken word and Rap over Hip-Hop beats to spitting truth like a minister of sound over dub, soulTrap, bass heavy beats, or Jazz piano Gina René is a force to be reckoned with.

Gina's vocals were born out of the collaboration with her brother Gabriel and High School friends Mei-Lwun Yee and Andy Caldwell to activate the electronic music phenomenon Soulstice (Om Records), While her original music blends R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop to Rock to sounds inspired by the Effect-heavy dub roots of reggae and the mystique and power of music from around the world.



She'll Rap a song around your heart in a beat!

Gina’s legacy links back to R&B royalty as she’s the grand daughter of the late songwriter and composer and entrepreneur Leon René who penned the R&B and Jazz classics Rockin Robin and When It's Sleepy time Down South, which became Louis Armstrong's 

love~ Gina René

theme song. Leon also was also owner of the first west coast black independent label on the west coast,Class Records! With this deep history in her bones it's no surprise thatthis inspiring songstress shines best by playing within a variety of musical genres, weaving a tapestry of soundscapes that connect with listeners from all walks of life.

Her energy alone magnetizes listeners with empowered truths all from a spiritual foundation formed during her journey through homelessness to spiritual awakening. Now that Gina’s been rocking stages for many years her spiritual path has led her to focus on mentoring and lifting up other women’s voices through her new ministry & mentorship offerings.

I am a lyrical sister, a spiritual uplifter, High Priestess of Hip-Hop, Divine Feminine Enlister. I spit truths, open minds and spark heArts, I’m here breaking all the rules from the start thru my art, Now I'm giving back to my sisters sharing what I’ve learned to help them Flip their scripture.

When I was 20 I discovered songwriting unexpectedly through a journaling practice I began as part of my own personal healing shortly after going through a mental and emotional health breakdown at the end of high school. It was an identity crisis which ended up being the catalyst for a life changing breakthrough and growth opportunity for me spiritually in the end. As a result of that experience I came to discover a natural gift for writing songs and lyrics,(something I never thought I'd be good at!) which only became clear because of my journaling practice which I came to refer this newer creative writing space as my lyrical journal. All this was possible because of the support of my family and other community resources.


I never thought i could be an artist...


by my sis Ashley Hughes

Client roses


singer songwriter 

” She will call you forth and lovingly guide you, through thoughtfully curated readings, prompts and exquisite reflection and embodiment practises, to step into and own your inner Queendom. Gina holds space that is juicy, real, human, divine, and reverent.” 

One of Gina’s purposes on this planet is supporting other women to bloom into all of who they are."

Jessica Aveytia 


My whole life I feel like I’ve had my voice stolen from me and being here I’m tapping back into my power. This isn’t a space of competition, ego or comparison and that’s what makes it so healing.You’re reminding us that it’s ok to claim our power and our voice, our higher calling.”

This space, Lyrisista I really love it because I see Gina as this voice doula. "

Val Fishbain

 Spread The Love Foods 

 I’m so grateful. If it wasn’t for my sessions with you I don’t think I would have that skill of just freestyling. Previously I felt like I had to memorize things yet I was able to really speak my mind without reading something. Just trust the flow” 

“ I had my first big public speaking event where there were a lot of industry giants and I just spoke my truth and it was well received."